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Offline Cats

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    Dear players and guests of our project, we present to yours heed guide using Offline cats or how to save on electricity.

    To activate offline trading, you need to purchase a Trade coin from the Merchant on the second tab for 315.000 coins or in a game shop for 1.5 gold / 7.5 event gold (this coin has no expiration date and is transferred between the players), then you can exchange the coin(s) from the PW Boutique Agent:
    7 days offline trade - 1 coin.
    30 days offline trading - 3 coins.

    The Temporary Trading Coin cannot be transferred or lost, it must be in your inventory or in a bank to use the offline cat mode.

    After you put the cat, the "Off. Trade" button will become active by clicking on it - you will be returned to the character selection page, and your cat will remain in the game. Thus, you can use several trading cats from one account and play at the same time.
    You can use the offline trade function only in the world location!

    Life hacking: How to distinguish a regular cat from a cat in offline trading? Write a private message to the character in the cat, if the character trades offline, you will receive the letter "Character XXXXX not in the game."
    P.S. Offline cats do not affect the online server counter.

    Thanks for attention. Enjoy your game!
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